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The Mount, Liverpool, England

HotelAdvice was advising the project managers Colonnade of a development scheme by Church of England Cathedral in Liverpool on instructions of the Diocese of Liverpool in relation to a potential budget hotel development with the Cathedral grounds with a number of restrictions in place.

A unique little hotel development planned within Cathedral grounds, planned between a number of listed buildings creating a number of restrictions both in terms of integration of existing buildings with new build areas, as well as views, heights and light restrictions to court yards. Project Managers Colonnade had received instructions from the Diocese to present a scheme that could be useful for visitors to the church from both within as well as tourists combined.

HotelAdvice was engaged by Colonnade Group to create an efficient Hotel development scheme including overlooking architectural design, layout together with a short feasibility study including appraisal summary that could be presented to the Diocese.

In liaison with the Cathedral’s retained architects, HotelAdvice with their architects Morrison Design Limited created plans for a niche little budget hotel creating sufficient room count for the feasibility of the project to be viable.

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