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Asset Management

Asset Management services work to protect the owner interests, maximising profitability & asset value.

Now firmly established in the dynamic between operator and owner an asset manager has a valuable role to play, acting for the owner’s interests and ensuring the execution of an operational strategy.

With no two requirements the same HotelAdvice lends on its experience to tailor each management arrangement ensuring professional, dedicated and personalised support always, with a single clear focus: to generate above-market returns, maximising profitability & asset value.

Hoteladvice is a subsidiary of HCA Hospitality, founded by industry veteran and former hotel operator Jan Bertelsen, and together we offer a unique combination of industry experience and skill set covering locations from Europe to the Americas.

First and foremost, our hotel asset management team will conduct a comprehensive study of the positioning of asset, benchmarking data, competitive market, penetration and operating environment, including the hotel’s physical condition, capital expenditure history and capital expenditure plan.

Following diagnostics, you can expect a strategic Asset Management plan fully tailored to an individual owners goals and requirements that will include strategic, technical & operational as well as research, analysis, reporting, and controls with proposals for benchmarking against relevant competitive sets, which we believe is vital to the measurement of success.

The key is to beat the competitors, consistently improve market share, grow the yield premium and always focus on maximizing profits.

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  • Strategic monitoring
  • Operational performance
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Revenue Management
  • Property Management
  • Legal, Health & Safety
  • Leisure, Food & Beverage
  • Financial & Tax
  • Hotel Development
  • Competitive Environment Monitoring
  • Benchmarking against relevant competitive sets
  • Brand Management